Sitges GI presents its list for the 2019 Municipal

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Sitges GI presented the team of 26 people who accompanied the candidate for mayor David Martinez on the list for the upcoming municipal elections May 26, 2019.

A list that according to Martínez is formed by a group of people with different sensibilities, transversal and multicultural, some characteristics that make them stronger and that differentiates Sitges GI from the others.

The presented list is as follows:

  1. David Martínez Lluís
  2. Guillem Escolà Hueso
  3. Cristina Navarro Guiu
  4. Viana Nadia Pascual
  5. Maria Jose Garriga Cots
  6. Anisa Berliku
  7. Carles Guerrero Castillo
  8. Borja Peñas sílvia
  9. Pierre Butin
  10. Manel Aleacar Zapata
  11. Jordi Gracia Pañella
  12. Xavier Guerrero Castillo
  13. Petra Ballantyne
  14. Mercedes Guitart Banchs
  15. Cristina Asensio
  16. Nicholas Samaranch Arrufat
  17. Cots Domenech Susasna
  18. Jaume Berbegal Ferret
  19. Alrun Jimeno Urban
  20. Alan Frame
  21. Vinyet Lluís Pàmies
  22. Manel Gómez Sanchis
  23. Daniel Vallés Godia
  24. Cecile Prevost Sanchón
  25. Mercedes Vega Yunquera
  26. Calan Frame Suárez
  27. Maria Cecilia Gentile

The list has been presented in a ceremony in a crowed Sala Jofre Vilà at Casino Prado Suburense where the Municipal group has presented the four areas of work: ' For a quality Sitges, 'for the welfare of all residents of Sitges', 'for an economic Model of Future ' and ' for a sustainable Sitges '. These are the axes that cover all the issues that concern the citizen of Sitges and that also includes all the proposals that came from residents of the municipality.

The new image of the group was also presented with a cooler and more modern touch and a renewed website which can be consulted in Catalan, Spanish, English and French.

But one of the most emotional moments of the event was the homage that the whole team of Sitges GI did to Vinyet Lluís, who left politics after 40 years of dedication.

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