Sitges GI shows its discontent in Aurora Carbonell's decison to accept the position of Member of Parliament of Catalonia.

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Sitges GI has held an assembly where it has become clear that the group is not happy with the appointment of Aurora Carbonell as Member of Parliament of Catalonia, breaking the commitment of 100% dedication to the City Council of Sitges that had been reached.

This is how the Group Councilors David Martínez and Guillem Escolà have informed the Mayor and Councilors of ERC, and made it clear that they do not share the explanations given by the Republicans (ERC), and will ensure that the commitment of the municipal group of ERC as leaders of the municipal government will continue as planned and that the position of Aurora Carbonell does not interfere or slow down the future projects that are being designed by the three parties that form the Municipal Government team. They have also put on the table that in case they see that the projects for Sitges do not progress as planned, that the Mayor leaves the position of member and devotes one hundred percent of her time to the municipality, as agreed.

However, they have decided to give a vote of confidence to ERC and ask that they take advantage of the new situation to work deeply on issues and aspects to improve the municipality of Sitges that fall within the competence of the Generalitat of Catalonia, such as health and education .

The municipal group Sitges GI advances with its day to day in front of its councils, preparing the projects along with Guanyem Sitges and ERC towards the new political course that will begin in September.

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