Sitges GI will invest Aurora Carbonell as Mayor and will enter the Government with ERC and Guanyem Sitges

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The Sitges GI formation, after the good results obtained in the past elections on May 26th, has meticulously read the result of the scrutiny,in various assemblies, understanding that the citizens of Sitges had opted, preferably for a social and progressive vote and with a strong municipal presence, and although Sitges was not or mostly independent, these political formations have a strong representation.

As stated publicly by the formation, before and during the entire election campaign, "we will sit down to talk to all the groups that knock at our door and listen to all the proposals, we have no pre-agreement with anyone ... the roadmap is in blank "

So, in accordance with what was stated, Sitges GI has held conversations with the various formations that have contacted Sitges GI, with the intention and desire to explore alternatives and/or possibilities of forming a local government, (ERC, CIUTADANS, PSC, JXS, GUANYEM SITGES, COMUNS VERDS de Sitges). Despite the fact that some, ignorant or malicious people, have expressed through the social networks, or behind, Sitges GI began the post-electoral period with a blank sheet and without any pre-agreement with anyone.

Sitges Grup Independent has spoken with all the political formations, always thinking about the best project for Sitges and, above all, respecting the filosophy of Sitges GI, such as not participating in proposals that go beyond municipalism, always making very clear in all the negotiation tables that Sitges GI would abstain in voting regarding independence or the "Process"matters and that the important thing was the project for Sitges and the sitgetanes and sitgetans.

About the meetings, with the different formations, the militants of Sitges GI were constantly informed with the celebration of numerous and long assemblies. The digestion of the decision to form a governing team, first with ERC and, subsequently, with GUANYEM SITGES, has been slow, meditated and agreed upon by the group's militancy, placing the interests of Sitges in front, reading the social voting and valuing the " harmony and tune in the conversations with these formations, thinking of forming a government team with a social and municipal perspective.

Sitges GI wants to reach out to the citizens from foreign groups that, as a result of the negotiations to form a government team and continuing with the commitment with United for Sitges , has done a great deal to include measures to defend the foreigner citizens the city, to facilitate their daily lives, such as the presence of personnel in the OAC prepared to attend inthe citizens in different languages, to adopt measures that facilitate the local registration and also access to the interpretation of public information.

Sitges Gi will be part of the governing team, with representation in the following Councils:

– Traditions and local festivals, Education and Public Health. In charge of David Martínez Llluis and, besides, he will be deputy councilor for Culture.

– Economic promotion, Occupation, Beaches: In charge of Guillem Escolà and, besides, will be deputy councilor for Tourism and Finance.

Sitges GI want to thank ERC and win Sitges, respect, and predispoció the good relations that have surrounded the talks over the past days, and especially his commitment to the town of Sitges, with inhabitants of Sitges.

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