Sitges GI begin talks with the PSC accepts Sitges, to discuss the budget and the possible entrance to the Municipal Government

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Sitges GI has given the green light to the start of talks with the PSC Sitges, by to reach agreements in the budget and by the possible entrance to the Government Municipal. This has been decided by the members of the Executive Committee of the municipalist party in a meeting held Monday evening.

A few days ago the PSC Sitges put his own on the table willingness to be part of the Municipal Government and to reach a consensus for the approval of the Municipal Budget 2020. David Martínez, councilor and chairman of the Executive Committee of Sitges Independent Group, has stated that if the socialists are ready to follow the line of work and the willingness to work for the benefit of Sitges and Sitgetans and Sitgetanes, it would be something positive to keep in mind, to reach one agreement with the three parties that make up the Government team a the City Council of Sitges. Although it will be the assembly that has the last word.

From Sitges GI want to reaffirm the commitment adopted with ERC Sitges and Guanyem Sitges, through the pact they signed half a year ago to form Government and are satisfied with the good harmony that exists between the members of the different municipal groups that form the Government and the work it is doing.

According to Martinez, There are still many issues to be solved and many problems to be solved, but we are working hard to do it, although the pace of Public Administration does not allow us to do it with the agility we want.

From Sitges GI want to emphasize the great work that has been done with the preparation of the Municipal budget, which follows the line marked by the Municipal Action Plan, based on the guarantee of rights and the improvement of the quality of life of the people, the urban model and the natural environment, and new governance, participation and innovation.

A social budget with budgetary allowances for investments, services and citizen aid that means a significant improvement over the budget of the previous year.

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