15682294Sitges Independent Group We are a group of people that we love Sitges and made possible a new political project for our people, which is a real political alternative and firm. Ours is an exciting project that aims to inspire each of the inhabitants of Sitges.

-We define as transversal party, open to all and whose sensibilities Sitges as a link and common cause.

-I wanted a quality and diverse Sitges, where all people can live and make their living activities, realizing economic growth, social and cultural.

Sitges -Anhelem a modern structure and ambition for the future, at the same time retain its essence, festivals and traditions.

-Creiem is very important listen to the people, but really listen. It is not enough to encourage participation through large image campaigns if after the decisions were taken against just feel a large part of the population. Personal happiness and the game can never happen ahead of the collective happiness.

-Creiem to be imposed rationality and common sense. How? Through pragmatic work, which finds the shortest path to meet the real needs of the Sitges beginning of the XXI century need, without neglecting the future. We provide constructive proposals, proposals achievable proposals and join that meet the real needs of Sitges and Sitges.

-We are aware of the difficult times many people who live near us because of the poor economic situation and believe that the ruling political class as a manager of the interests of citizens, should be the first to set an example.

-We consider that the Government team (2007/2011) has been excessively ambitious in economic matters. The fact that important projects have been carried out for the town does not justify an astronomical debt that at the end of 2008, according to the archives of the Ministry of Finance, already exceeded 40 million euros. We are still waiting to know the figures for 2009. We believe that the arm has been stretched more than the sleeve in every way - including municipal corporations and positions of trust.

-We therefore know that the economic legacy that the current government team will leave will not be precisely to launch rockets, but beyond a reason for criticism this represents for us an added motivation, as we believe it is now, in a complex situation of lean cows, when it is necessary to demonstrate our commitment to the people of Sitges. And let's not forget that, we are all on the same boat and we must also look after the Sitges that we will leave to future generations of Sitges men and women. We cannot continue to mortgage its future.

All in all, we are the party that extends hand to anyone who wants to join. We need people like you, this is also your project. Come and participate, because we are only ... PEOPLE OF SITGES FOR SITGES.