21. Vinyet Lluís Pàmies

Born in September 1950 Trainer top swimming by FEN, now retired. Councilor in the opposition in the city of Sitges.

Linked to the world of politics since the first municipal elections in 1979 until today.

During these years I have had the opportunity to be part of the government team in different legislatures, assuming responsibilities in various departments such as governance, environment and beaches, and education and sports.

In the last four years I have been part of the opposition as a councilor.

I I present the list of Sitges GI group that I represent latest applications, why believe in your project as a group even independent works by the municipality, and you can change it and improve it.

I totally agree with the ideas and the work we are doing from Sitges GI and I believe that our work and our ideas, we can make things very positive inhabitants of Sitges and Sitges.

I consider myself a person and that's how close we are in Sitges GI: nearby. We are interested in people and therefore, we want to improve our people, listening to their people.