17. Susana Domenech Cots

I am 41 years old and I am a mother of four children, aged 18, 16, 7 and 4, two boys and two girls. Primary school teacher at the Camp Joliu del Penedès school, for 10 years now and, lately, I have been running a heritage company for 15 years. I have a degree in Primary and Infant Education from the International University of Catalonia. Previously, I studied Business Management and Administration at the CIC Cultural Institution.

I wonder… What future lies ahead for my beautiful town, Sitges?

In the In my opinion, the economic model we have to adopt must take one different direction, giving a strong weight to the tertiary sector, to the promotion of small and medium-sized enterprises and, above all, of young people entrepreneurs.

The tertiary sector, ie tourism and trade, in our municipality must be strengthened. It is well known that we have a very important cultural heritage, as well as a great natural wealth. Sitges, in the field of tourism, enjoys many elements, especially at the natural and landscape level, which well treated and promoted, can be very attractive for a family and scientific tourism that, obviously, must be complementary to the cultural offer. and historical that our town has.

It is clear that young people are the future of Sitges. We should carry out a local youth plan that includes those policies that make things easier for them, in order to continue living in the municipality that has seen them grow.

Finally, and as a personal reflection, I think that Sitges, my town, must be a first class town. To be so, it must take a new direction linked to economic promotion in the tertiary sector which, well worked out, can generate new jobs, which are so necessary.

I have the great luck of collaborating in a team of prepared people, workers, constant, involved from head to toe with ours town. A team that all the people who make it up do because we are excited to work for Sitges, to improve what we have and to do new projects. Projects that need to improve and enhance the our municipalities.

We believe in the opportunities of our town. We have confidence in it and we are working to make it possible! We want to work, side by side, with the associative fabric of Sitges because they are the basis of our municipality. Give them opportunities to grow day by day!

And, TOGETHER, we can make it a reality !!!