14. Mercè Banchs Guiral

Although I was born in Barcelona (1964), I feel adopted from Sitges. A villa that I love, where I have lived for almost 30 years and which is my home today.

I studied Teaching, but personal circumstances directed my working life towards the field of work management and advice.

Em presento a la llista de Sitges GI, perquè crec que només des de la implicació personal dels qui estimem aquest poble, podem aconseguir un futur millor per a ell. Vull que Sitges recuperi aquells anys d’esplendor que el van convertir en un paratge de bellesa única i singular, i en un exemple de tolerància, convivència i igualtat, que va enamorar tants ciutadans que, com jo, el van triar per viure-hi.
And this can only be achieved by an independent party like Sitges GI, made up of people from Sitges who will work only for the good of our town and its neighbors. A transversal match, close, where everyone who wants the best for Sitges can fit, no matter what color it is and where it comes from.

I feel completely represented by Sitges GI, because I share its priority, which is none other than to do great things for Sitges and for our town to be a better place every day to live and to see our little ones grow.