13. Petra Ballantyne

I emigrated to Sitges from Germany in the 1990s and have been fortunate enough to call it my home ever since.
With a background in advertising I have worked at two separate multinational companies in Barcelona in sales support and customer service for international customers. Parallel to this I have attended numerous workshops and further trainings in personnel development, coaching and consulting and I am currently developing my own business as a motivational and business coach.

I fell in love with Sitges at first sight when I arrived at San Sebastian beach in a sunny December day in 1999. Since then I have seen and experienced the changes like many local residents, I am very concerned where this is all going. I believe that everybody should have access to affordable housing, healthy sustainable food and be living in a safe and clean environment including animal protection. And this is everybody's task. For example, people should have access to simple, affordable and manageable tools to be able to recycle. Local businesses should be better protected and supported by the Town Hall.

Sitges is a very unique and special place with a lot of different nationalities, cultures and backgrounds. This should unite us to find the best strategies to make Sitges a better place. Everybody can contribute to a better living. We all have shared goals: to live in a place with a high quality of life for our children, families and animals.

Our concern should be only on the problems and challenges of Sitges. There is no room for division or political game playing. Therefore I am very happy to be a member of Sitges GI because I believe that we really can change a lot by focusing on the real issues: local issues. I hope with my background I can be of service to the entire community.