08. Sílvia Penas Borja

I have a degree in law from the University Pompeu Fabra and a Master specialization in Criminal Law and Criminal Sciences from the University of Barcelona and Pompeu Fabra. Performance lawyer since 2005 ROMERO & GAVILAN office, specializing in criminal matters, matrimonial and traffic accident claims.

I live in Sitges since I'm born and linked to the cultural and social activities of the people actively involved. I am a member of the Board of Directors of the Recreational Society El Retiro, Head of gang gang Carnival We were few and timbalera Dragon.

I decided to join the GI Sitges to try to improve the town, because I think the situation of our beloved town is quite worrying.

No one is aware that there are things that the people do not like the locals, because the trend in recent years has been the town is not what it should have been; but rather than criticize, if nothing is done, the situation does not change, and that is why I decided to join Sitges GI when I proposed to do everything possible to try and improve my people.

Sitges GI is a local party, which only works from Sitges and Sitges, and I think it is undoubtedly the only way to change things with people of Sitges, estimated that work for the people him.

From Sitges GI we want Sitges better, a Sitges global and cosmopolitan, a Sitges clean and safe, a Sitges that meets the needs of the villagers, a Sitges respect our traditions, a Sitges where everyone is welcome and, above all, a Sitges not allow the Sitges and Sitges are forced to live from out of town.

The situation may change. Only we've proposed.