07. Carles Guerrero Castillo

I am 32 years old and I was born and lived all my life in Sitges. For more than 10 years I have been working in the municipal swimming pool of Sitges, as a lifeguard and swimming instructor for children and adults. However, I graduated in 2017 in Chemical Engineering from the UPC and am currently looking for a career in accordance with my studies. Before going to university, I trained as a senior technician in environmental chemistry, which led me to get to know the Sitges water treatment plant, as well as the town’s water distribution and supply network.

My connection with the traditions and festivities of the town is total, since from a very young age I have lived and participated, with great enthusiasm, in our festivities, Sant Bartomeu and Santa Tecla, as well as the harvest, the carnival , the corpus or St. George's Day.

The reason for introducing myself to the board of local politics, is because I think I can contribute my grain of sand to the proper functioning of the town and the much needed improvement in aspects such as recycling, care of our natural spaces, l 'education and ecological awareness, the introduction of models and systems of environmental management and the construction of the path that must lead us all the people of Sitges to an environmentally sustainable Sitges and responsible for its ecological footprint.

Al marge de la meva possible aportació professional a la vila, he volgut participar de la política amb un partit sense cap vinculació autonòmica o nacional, que no sigui una filial amb unes sigles que prioritzen uns interessos diferents dels del gran gruix de tots els sitgetans. Crec sincerament que Sitges GI és un partit que treballa única i exclusivament per Sitges, tot i tenir divergència de criteris d’opinió en temes que no pertanyen a la vila, però amb l’únic fi i desig de millorar la vida de les nostres veïnes i veïns.

In recent years, I believe that the town of Sitges has lost some of the values ​​that made it world-famous, such as respect, cleanliness, safety, the quality of its beaches and the mixture of cultures without ever losing its essence. the tradition that has always characterized us in Sitges. The recovery of these values, the care of our people and the fact of looking a little more for the interests and needs of our neighbors and not so much what happens in the regional or national, seems to me fundamental, and completely necessary, to make us all feel proud again when we say that we live in Sitges.