Esquerra Republicana de Sitges and Sitges GI close a pre-agreement to form a government in Sitges.

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ERC and Sitges GI have initiated mechanisms to form a government pact for this next term in the Sitges City Council. It is the line of work of the two groups after a series of meetings in which the desire to find the best option for Sitges today and for the future has been shown.

On May 26, ERC got 2,172 votes, being the most voted list and Sitges Group Independent with 1,287 votes, has been the municipal party with most support and therefore are the two parties that have increased significantly in number of votes respect to the 2015 elections.

From the reading of the elections vote held on the 26th in Sitges, it emerges that the people of Sitges demand a mandate on the social agenda and policies close to the citizens, in which both parties agree, they play a prominent role.

The preference of the majority of sitges citizens reflected in the results has been one of the key factors when wanting to join forces. However, both groups continue to work to open this agreement to more local formations in order to achieve a strong, progressive government that represents a new political stage for the city.

The two municipal groups have shown satisfaction for the willingness to continue working as a team, achieving the formation of committees between the two groups to work together on other topics such as how to square the program, the 2019 -2023 mandate plan, the councils or the internal functioning of the City Council of Sitges, among others. The two groups value very positively the enriching conversations maintained with the other political formations of the city.

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