Two vehicles parked illegally on the Platja de Les Coves are removed, recovering the protected area.

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The City Council removes the two vehicles parked in the area of ​​La Platja de Les Coves.

  • The action was led by Sitges GI Councilman Guilem Escolà with his team at the Department of Beaches in conjunction with the Local Police of Sitges.
  • Once the vehicles have been removed, the area has been thoroughly cleaned, where there was accumulated garbage generated by people who had illegally occupied the space.

The two vehicles failed to comply with several regulations, as they were located in a protected area. The City Council is now carrying out the cleaning tasks to recover this natural environment and has closed access to avoid new occupations.

The last vehicle parked on the esplanade in front of La platja de Les Coves (popularly known as the Atlantida car park) has been removed this morning by order of the City Council. It was an articulated bus that, together with a motorhome, had been located in this area for more than 4 years. Agents of the Local Police of Sitges have accompanied the owner of the bus, towed by the crane, until the exit of the municipality.

With the withdrawal of the bus, the area is finally recovered, after yesterday the crane took the motorhome.

The two vehicles failed to comply with the regulations as they made an unauthorized use of the bonded area of ​​the special protection area for the natural interest of La Platja de Les Coves. The withdrawal has been possible after complying with a complex administrative procedure and resolving the allegations of its occupants.

The City Council is currently carrying out the cleaning tasks to recover this natural environment, removing large amounts of waste that the inhabitants of the two vehicles had accumulated over time. At the same time, the passage to the road that gives access has been closed, so that the area cannot be reoccupied.

This action has been a joint work of the Department of Beaches led by Councilor Guillem Escolà and the Local Police of Sitges, who have continued monitoring following all the necessary steps to recover the space.

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