Approved a motion to demand the outstanding debt kindergartens presented by GI Sitges

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El Ple Municipal de Sitges del passat, 29 de gener va aprovar per unanimitat la moció presentada per SITGES GI conjuntament amb el grup municipal del PSC per reclamar a la Generalitat de Catalunya, l’abonament del deute pendent de les llars d’infants municpals.


Atés que Sitges disposa de dues llars d’infants (El Cercolet i La Moixiganga), dotant al Municipi d’aproximadament 174 places d’educació infantil (de 0 a 3 anys).
Atès que segons l’article 84.2 i 131 de l’Estatut d’Autonomia de Catalunya i l’article 198 de la Llei 12/2009, de 10 de juliol, d’Educació, recullen que l’ensenyament de 0-3 anys és de competència exclusiva de la Generalitat de Catalunya, obligació que s’ha d’articular mitjançant convenis amb els ens locals.
Since there are different conventions (2005, 2010, 2011 and 2013) which includes the commitment of the Education Department of the Government to fund these centers, together with families and the own City
As in education, with the last Government of Catalonia, the cuts have been significant, being the decision to cancel unilaterally the economic contribution of the Government to sustain kindergartens of the most counterproductive to the objectives of preserving the right to education, equality, coexistence and diversity.
Atès que la relació convenial entre la Generalitat i els ajuntaments es va trencar de forma unilateral per part del primer al curs 2012-2013 quan la Generalitat va deixar de complir amb les previsions pressupostàries de la institució passant a ser els ajuntaments, amb l’ajut de les famílies, qui estan suportant el sosteniment del servei de llars d’infants municipals. (Actualment, les famílies i els ajuntaments costegen un 83% del cost, mentre que els 17% restant es finança a través de les diputacions).
Since funding for places 0 to 3 years has passed in recent years to 1,800 euros per student per year to zero by the regional government (100 million in 2010 from $ 0 in 2015)
Since Law 4/2017 of 28 March, the Government of Catalonia budget for 2017 gathered in the 49th Additional Provision Government should ensure funding for kindergartens covering as at least one module of 1,600 euros per square financial year, and had to be committed to progressively increase it to 1,800 euros per square per year and this mandate has not been fulfilled by the Government.
Given that in recent days we have learned that the first TSJC has condemned the Government of Catalonia not to finance the cost of the management of kindergartens, giving the reason for a number of municipalities had filed suit against the Generalitat of Catalonia, Esplugues Cornella Hospitalet de Llobregat, demanding the government to repay debt owed to kindergartens, money the Department of Education did not pay, even though they have committed between the years 2011 and 2015.
To these points, municipal groups and Independent Group of Sitges in Sitges Sitges in positive PSC recommendations to the full City Council adopt the following Sitgess

Primer. Carry out the necessary actions in order to proceed to the calculation of the amounts remaining from the Generalitat of Catalonia in Sitges City Council this concept default interest generated during those years.
Second. Urge the Government of Catalonia in accordance with the written ruling TSJC back the debt, which is the first point calculations and pending payment for service management of kindergartens this municipality.
Third. In the event that the Government of Catalonia does not give satisfactory answers to the payment of outstanding amounts requested in the second point, within three months of the application, ask to proceed to the start of the pertinent legal actions to recover these amounts.
Quart. Giving transfer this agreement to Government, Parliament of Catalonia, the Catalan Association of Municipalities and the Federation of Municipalities of Catalonia.

Vineyard and Lluís Pàmies
Spokesman Councilor of the Municipal Group Sitges Independent Group.
Ricard Vicente Arnau the
Councilor Spokesperson of the Municipal Group in positive PSC Sitges in Sitges

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