Sitges GI contains the main concerns of the inhabitants of Sitges in the round table's silos and silo now we want '

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Sitges GIcollected the first concerns and worries of the inhabitants of SitgesRoundtable The Sitges Sitges and now we want 'which took place last Sunday in Room Jofre Vila Casino Prado Suburense.

The cleaning of the townwas one of the most criticized at the meeting, which highlighted the feeling of neglect have taken their toll, by the council and the need to increase the number of containers and bins in the streets, was the hardest when to apply sanctions when regulations are made easier and give infringements regarding recycling and waste separation. The cleanliness and state of the beaches was also an aspect according to participants worsened in recent years.

Attendees commented on the need to seekleisure alternatives aimed at young peopleWhich are very difficult to find activities or proposals to spend your free time, especially the group with an age between 15 and 17 years.

The lack of chemists, a CAP 24 h, bookstores and future plans of the municipality were other issues that were put on the table during the day.

With these meetings,Sitges GI wants to know the different points of view of the inhabitants of SitgesAnd collect all aspects as participants have worsened in recent years in the town and all those things you need to improve or else those currently working.

David Martinez, president of Sitges GIsaid it is vital to know all these views toprepare a good project for the future Sitges. A future that will not improve if we do not listen to the people we represent: the inhabitants of Sitges.

The Conference's Sitges Sitges now and we want to 'continue from the second half of January, where he will address more specific issues such as trade, tourism and hospitality, among other issues.