Sitges GI starts the electoral campaign and presents the program

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Els Jardins del Retiro was the place where the Sitges GI campaign has begun, with the presentation of its electoral program. The Candidate to the mayor, David Martínez Lluís, was in charge of opening the event praising his team, stating that they are ready to go in to the local government and do what the current Town Council team has not done in four years.

Now It's Time for Sitges is the motto of the Sitges Independent Group for this campaign. According to Martínez, the message is very clear, after a legislature where more time has been devoted to issues that are not local, now it is time to devote 100% of the time to Sitges.

The Sitges GI program consists of four main blocks that were presented by different members of the municipal party list. Cristina Guiu, number 2 of the list, was responsible for presenting the section Now it's time for a quality Sitges with which Sitges Independent Group plans to solve once and for all the issue of cleaning, the problems that many Neighborhoods have with the public thoroughfare and the state of streets, parks and gardens, and to pay more attention to what citizens should say and respond to their needs.

The fourth on the list Vía Nàdia spoke of the 'Now it's time for the wellness of Sitges citizens block, that includes such important issues as the project to have pharmacy service at night and a 24 hour emergency service at the CAP. But according to Viana, the need for housing is a priority and that is why we have to work to create a social housing park and create tools so that the Sitges citizens are not forced to leave the municipality due to the overpriced homes.

Guillem Escolà, number 2 of Sitges GI presented 'Now it's a new economic model,' the third block of the program. A section where tourism plays an important role, with the project 'Sitges, a destination of quality' where it is reflected that if Sitges does not work hard and does not change the current tourist model, it will remain behind. A project where all the actors that are part of the economic engine of the municipality must participate, enhancing the local talent, the unique environment of the municipality and the spaces available in Sitges. Another proposal for economic revitalization of the municipality during the low season is to take advantage of the spaces and resources available in Sitges to attract sports teams or professional and students of performing arts to organize stages in the municipality.

And culture is also part of this third block, where enhancing local talent also becomes a priority, and for this reason there are proposals such as the one to recover what was 'L'Escorxada Teatral' for amateur theater groups of the municipality, and give more protagonism to the artists of the town.

The Environment focuses the content of the fourth block 'Now it's time for sustainability' that was presented by the number 7 of the list Carles Guerrero. Good environmental practices by everyone is the ideal scenario for a cleaner and more sustainable Sitges, and that is why it is necessary to make it easier for citizens and thus not only to achieve improvements at the ecological level, if not also it would be an economic benefit for the municipality . Awarding sustainable habits as free blue zones and bonuses in the traffic tax for electric and hybrid vehicles and a project for the cleaning and regeneration of beaches are other proposals made by Sitges GI.

And to complete the presentation, the number 6 Petra Ballantyne, made an intervention in English to explain the proposals addressed to residents in the municipality from other countries, who sometimes have difficulties to carry out administrative procedures with the public administration, especially when They have been living in the municipality for a short time. That is why Sitges GI proposes to create a service for foreign residents of the municipality and that municipal information can also be received in other languages.

Here you can read the electoral program of Sitges GI in three languages (Catalan, Spanish and English)


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